Whether you preach or would like your pastor to preach with more emphasis on neuroscience, Richard Cox (M.D., Ph.D., D.Min.) illustrates how neuroscience can profoundly help heal our brains and our relationships with God. 

Cox, R. (2012). Rewiring Your Preaching: How the Brain Processes Sermons. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press.


 Sarah Travis’ Unspeakable can help bring healing into sermons.

How teachers teach is not necessarily how learners learn.  Educators focus on content delivery, but much of the learning process involves affective and behavioral factors.  Veteran educators Muriel and Duane Elmer provide a holistic model for how learning takes place through neuroscience and a Christian framework.

The Learning Cycle: Insights for Faithful Teaching from Neuroscience and the Social Science by Drs. Muriel and Duane Elmer.


Another brilliant Christian resource to demonstrate how we learn is Sticky Learning.

Sticky Learning by Holly Inglis, Kathy Dawson, and Roger Nishioka.
Though not from a Christian perspective, Brain-Based Learning is a top-rated book that has some of the latest neuroscience that explains how we best learn and how best to teach.

Catholic Theological Union’s Preaching with the Sciences homily outline library also features resources on how to incorporate science into sermons.