Growing in Love

Think of one way that it felt to abide in God’s love during the last day.  Let yourself relish and linger in it.  What sensations, images, behaviors, actions and meaning come to mind?  (Greater awareness of our bodies will strengthen our insula.  A strengthened insula will give us greater empathy toward ourselves and awareness of the emotional reality of others.  Reflection on love will also strengthen your awareness of the role of mirror neurons, oxytocin, the anterior cingulate, and experiencing the oneness of God through the parietal-frontal circuit). 

Through what one habit will you let yourself go deeper to receive God’s love tomorrow and in the days to come? To receive it, to revel in it, to relish it, to abide in it, and to have it abundantly? How will you specifically strengthen or improve this habit?

Overcoming Indifference and Hatred

Think of one way that you have been hateful or indifferent in the last day.  What sensations, images, behaviors, actions, and meanings come to mind?  

Stay with that one source of hatred or indifference.  What scripture, resources or tools from this book will help me overcome it? Remember that Christ has called us to love our enemies. 

What is one habitual tendency with my spouse, friends, family, or community that is stuck in a cycle of indifference or hatred and what specific changes would create more love?

What one goal to create more of God’s love do I have that will help overcome an ingrained practice of hatred or indifference at an organization, church, or political group that I belong to? 

Make it a SMART Goal:


God, I am Yours.  I say yes to love.  

I will challenge and overcome my indifference and hatred.

I will lovingly invite others to overcome their indifference and hatred.           

 I surrender to Your love.