Growing in Joy

Think of one way that it felt to abide in God’s joy during the last day.  Let yourself relish and linger in it.  Let yourself celebrate it.

Through what one habit will I let myself go deeper to receive God’s joy? To receive it, to revel in it, to relish it, to abide in it, and to have it abundantly? How will I strengthen or improve this habit?

Overcoming Craving and Addiction

What is one source of my craving or addiction during the last day?  What scripture, resources or tools from this book will help me overcome it?

What does craving or addiction feel like for me?  What sensations, images, behaviors, actions, and meanings come to mind?  

What is one habit or settled tendency with my spouse, friends, family, or community that is stuck in a cycle of craving and addiction and what specific changes would create more joy?

What one goal to create more of God’s joy do I have that will help overcome an ingrained practice of addiction or craving at an organization, church, or political group that I belong to? 

Make it a SMART Goal:


God, I am Yours.  I say yes to joy.  

I will challenge and overcome my craving and addiction.          

 I surrender to Your joy.